The Crystal Maze is back for 2019!

The maze-based madness returns with a brand new zone, all-new games, new famous faces making fools of themselves, and an exciting new twist…the Mega Crystal!

The Crystal Maze

As ever, guiding our calamitous teams around the maze (whilst waving a hand on the end of a stick) is our magnificent Maze Master; comedian, writer, and director Richard Ayoade.

The Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic zone all return, this time joined by the new Eastern zone; an ancient East Asian temple filled with mysterious and marvellous new challenges. Each zone is packed with new trials to test, torment and trap our teams as they tackle a variety of games to try to obtain elusive time crystals, with each team captain making the all-important decision of who plays what. And in some cases, berating them afterwards.

The Crystal Maze

The team of five celebrity adventurers will have to prove they can work as one to ensure nobody runs out of time and gets locked in, jeopardising their crystal tally if they need to ‘buy’ anyone out (assuming they won’t leave someone behind – they are celebrities after all).

In an added twist to their journey the team must also gamble with the Mega Crystal; an opportunity to play for a giant-sized crystal that’s worth double the time in the dome…but beware! The team can only play this once, so mess up a game and the chance to score precious extra time is wasted. They’ll need as much time as they can to collect as many gold tokens as possible, while avoiding the silver ones, in a bid to bank that all-important cash prize for Stand Up To Cancer.

From hopping across the lily pads of the Eastern temple to tunnelling through Industrial, materialising in Futuristic to scaling the walls of Aztec, join Maze Master Richard Ayoade as he takes us through this magical and marvellous world of wonder (and wet logs).

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