We’re back with new games for BRAND NEW celebrity episodes from 9pm on June 8th.

As ever, Showing you around will be our Maze Master, comedian, writer, and director Richard Ayoade. 


For fans of the original series, the zones that play host to these adventures will be very familiar: Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic. Each Zone is packed with trials to test, torment and trap our teams as they tackle a variety of games to try to obtain elusive time crystals.

The maze has an array of Physical, Skill, Mystery and Mental challenges in store to test our teams, with each team captain making the all-important decision of who plays what. The team of five will have to prove they can work as one to ensure nobody runs out of time and gets locked in, jeopardising their crystal tally if they need to ‘buy’ anyone out (assuming they won’t leave someone behind – and, to be honest, you’d definitely leave some of the adventurers behind if it were up to you…


Journeying through the four zones with the guidance of Richard’s special wooden hand , the adventure culminates in the iconic Crystal Dome. The new and improved dome holds the fate of each team. Each time crystal the team have collected on their travels through the maze will give them 5 seconds in the in the Crystal Dome. They’ll need as much time as they can to collect as many gold tokens as possible while being cautious of the silver ones as these, are deducted from the final tally – meaning that all-important prize could be lost.

From traversing the murky bog of the Medieval to tunnelling through the Industrial, materialising in Futuristic to scaling the walls of Aztec, join Richard Ayoade as he takes us through this magical and marvellous world of wonder (and wet logs).

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