The Crystal Maze


Left to right: Carol Vorderman, Rick Edwards, Gemma Collins, James Argent & Ellie Taylor

Celebrity Line Up Announced

The Crystal Maze is back with the most exciting celebrity cast to date! Episode one contestants include reality TV star Gemma Collins, TV presenter Carol Vorderman, comedian Ellie Taylor, reality TV star James “Arg” Argent, and TV presenter Rick Edwards. Maze Master Richard Ayoade will lead the celebrities through complex challenges that test both their mental and physical strength, with the end goal of winning the prize sum for Stand Up To Cancer. With the introduction of the new Eastern Zone, influenced by the diverse culture of East Asia, and the added pressure of the new Mega Crystal, there are many unpredictable surprises that will come their way.

New Zone

The Crystal Maze Presenter Richard Ayoade

The Crystal Maze will return in 2019 with all new celebrity episodes and an all new zone: The Eastern Zone. Influenced by the historic art, architecture and monuments of East Asia, the zone will feature five games rooms for eight new games, set around a lily pond, cherry blossom trees and ornate vases. The new zone will join the Futuristic, Aztec and Industrial Zones, with all four featuring a host of challenging new puzzles in the forthcoming series. It’s the first time a new realm has been added to the show since the Ocean Zone was introduced in the fourth series of the original 1990s run.

Christmas Episode – Thursday 14th December 9pm on Channel 4

We’re BACK. The Crystal Maze will be on your screens Thursday 14th December at 9pm for a very special Celebrity Christmas Special. The Chrystmal Maze, one could say….

Gold medal-winning Olympians Ellie Simmonds and Nicola Adams, Made in Chelsea’s Ollie Locke, The Saturdays’ Mollie King and Murder In Successville comedian Tom Davis will be in the maze to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer UK.


This autumn, the Crystal Maze launches in book format. Full of over 100 new games, mind benders and riddles, with this book, you can now play the ultimate game show in the playground of your own home. Join ranks with family and friends as you travel through the four iconic zones – Aztec, Industrial, Future and Medieval – guided by Maze Master Richard Ayoade.

The Crystal Maze is ready and waiting … will you start the fans please!

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Order Now from AMAZON by clicking here


We’re back on Channel 4 on Friday 25th August at 8pm.

This time, it’s the turn of everyday adventurers to pick up the crystals and make it to the Dome.