The Crystal Maze


We’re thrilled that Richard Ayoade is the new Maze Master, but he’s not the only notable name that’s moved into the maze.

Don’t tell anyone you heard it here but you should be looking out for some brand new characters – with rather famous faces – who’ll be popping up to set the teams riddles across the series…

The Crystal Maze is back – as are the four original zones, Aztec, Industrial, Medieval, and Futuristic.

However, don’t go thinking that there’s nothing new to see because not only is there a new Maze Master, Richard Ayoade, and a wealth of new games – but the look of one of the zones has been dramatically re-imagined, too.

Yes, brace yourselves for a gleaming new Futuristic Zone. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before (unless you’ve seen some amazing sci-fi films, in which case it’s quite like that…)

The Crystal Maze – Coming soon!